Since its founding, the Latino Donor Collaborative has prided itself on holding premier gatherings of national leaders to create dialogue that illustrates the power of the Latino market and the tremendous market advantage of portraying Latinos under a positive and realistic light. Here you will find media and highlights from numerous gatherings over the years.

LDC New York Convening – Winter 2018

Convening attendees
LDC board members Linda Alvarado, Pat Pineda and Marcos Torres
LDC board member Herb Scannell with Target CMO, Rick Gomez
LDC board Members, Ted Acosta and Carlos Hernandez, and Hernan Celis from JP Morgan
Jeff Valdez, Rick Gomez and Don Bourne
Ana Valdez and Gisselda Nuñez from Morgan Stanley
LDC Chairman, Sol Trujillo and PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi
Games Gorman, CEO, Morgan Stanely

LDC Convening – Spring 2017

LDC Convening – Fall 2017

LDC Beverly Hills Convening – Spring 2016

LDC Beverly Hills Spring 2016

LDC Austin Convening – Spring 2015

LDC NYC Convening – Fall 2015


LDC Miami Convening – Spring 2014

LDC San Antonio Convening – Spring 2013

LDC New York Convening – Fall 2012