The LDC is devoted to help prepare the next generation of Latino leaders and storytellers thrive. Through partnerships with the American Film Institute and the Fox Writers and Producers Programs, the LDC is proud to empower young Latino professionals achieve their dreams and help produce the content and innovation of tomorrow.


In collaboration with the American Film Institute, the LDC is proud to have funded numerous talented young Latinos take part in AFI’s highly-selective program that allows future Latino filmmakers to be trained in this world-class film conservatory’s two-year Master of Fine Arts program in its six film making disciplines: Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Producing, Production Design and Screenwriting.


The LDC supports this program dedicated to championing diverse voices and perspectives spanning film, broadcast, cable and digital. This initiative leverages the expertise of Fox across its entertainment businesses, including Twentieth Century Fox Television, FX Networks, Fox Broadcasting Company, Twentieth Century Fox Film, Fox International Channels and many more of the Fox international entertainment businesses to select and mentor directors from a vast and diverse pool of talent.


The LDC is excited to empower the talent pipeline of Latinos being trained at the FOX Writers Intensive – A candidate referral program to promote a more diverse talent pool into the FOX Group organizations. The Fox Writers Intensive (“FWI”) is a highly selective writer’s initiative, held at the Fox Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The Intensive is designed to introduce experienced writers with unique voices, backgrounds, life and professional experiences that reflect the diverse perspectives of a wide range of Fox show runners, writers, directors, screenwriters and creative executives.