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The Latino Donor Collaborative is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to reshaping the perception of Latinos as part of the American social mainstream. We are self-funded and independent, and created by an accomplished group of Latino national leaders that generously donate their time to promote friendly high-level dialogue, with the goal of finding best ways to grow revenue and market share – by targeting and serving the Latino audiences. We do this through a nonpartisan agenda that includes outreach to influential people in media, advertising, politics, corporate America, and civil society by confronting stereotypes with data that brings understanding and appreciation of the actual roles being played by Latinos in society, politics, and commerce. The board is passionate about empowering every Latino to be the best they can be, and know that by empowering Latinos, they create a rich, united, and more powerful United States of America.


To reframe and advance an accurate perception, portrayal and understanding of the important contributions American Latinos make to American society.


American Latinos are well-regarded and valued patriotic Americans in all facets of American life.