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Jeff Valdez

New Cadence Productions

Jeff Valdez is a serial entrepreneur and President of Valdez Productions. Jeff has been producing, writing and directing TV and film for over 25 years, with the likes of Nickelodeon, Lifetime, Disney, Showtime and NBC.  Jeff has also consulted and been a keynote and strategist for organizations looking to maximize their reach into the Latino market, with companies like Coca Cola, Miller Beer, Time Warner Cable, Summit Entertainment, and many others.

He has been credited with pioneering a new category in American television; the English Language Latino Market, which represents the vast majority of American Latinos.  Jeff is a multi-faceted expert, on how to address the multitude of opportunities in this new landscape.

Mr. Valdez made history as Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of SiTV (now known as Nuvo/Fuse TV).  He launched and oversaw all operations for the critical maiden voyage of the first ever national cable network owned and run by Latinos in the United States.

After launching SiTV, Jeff went on to Chair the largest Latino social network at the time, QuePasa Corp (NASDAQ), helping grow the stock from $1 to 15 a share and simultaneously Co-Chaired a film distribution company in the US, Maya Entertainment.

Along with former Accenture global COO, Raul Alvarado, Jeff helped create Themographic Solutions a cognitive analytics platform that identifies consumer wishes and brand needs, then aligns them through topic & value driven content.

Most recently, Jeff has teamed up with Bourn Companies to buy old failing malls and make them into “experiential social entertainment platforms,” as well as launching NCP (New Cadence Productions) along with Bruce Barshop and Sol Trujillo. NCP, is focused on creating non-stereotypical Latino content for a variety of venues.

Jeff has a regular blog on the Huffington Post.

Born in Pueblo, Colorado, he now lives in Beverly Hills, with his wife Ana and their two sons, Alex and Max.


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(Full list available on request)