The Latino Data Collaborative Think Tank (LDCTT) researches and highlights the vital contributions of American Latinos to the U.S. economy and GDP.
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The LDC engages in initiatives like presentations, forums and outreach to provide decision-makers with free, vital information on the contributions of American Latinos, aiding informed resource allocation.
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Why is the LDC's work crucial for the U.S.?
The LDC produces the most reputable data on Latinos in the United States. Given that this cohort represents nearly 20% of the population and over 25% of young Americans, these data are critical to the U.S. economy, workforce, business development, entertainment, and several other key aspects of American prosperity. As of 2023, LDC data have reached over 50 million people through various outlets and have been accessed by over 250,000 CEOs, C-suite executives, board members, business owners, and government leaders of all parties, empowering them to make more informed decisions.
Is the LDCTT's research available to the public?
Absolutely. All of the LDCTT’s original research, white papers, and tools are freely available on our website. Explore our comprehensive collection of reports at to delve into the wealth of information we provide. We kindly request that the data be sourced clearly to the Latino Donor Collaborative by using the following citations: Latino Donor Collaborative, date, and the name of the report. For more complete terms of use and a list of how to cite our latest reports, click here.
What hashtags do you recommend using when sharing the data?
We recommend using hashtags when sharing our information on social media. Here are some suggestions and examples: #latinogdp, #LatinoDonorCollaborative, #LDCfacts, #latinofacts, #latinorepresentation, and #hispanic.
Who are the LDC’s primary audiences?

We have the following four main audiences:

Key decision-makers: CEOs, C-suite executives, board members, business owners, and government leaders with the power to shape organizations and drive change.

Direct audiences and leaders at other executive levels: Other executives and directors who actively engage with our research for real-world impact.

Indirectly engaged audiences: Individuals who interact with our LDC Think Tank reports through articles, social media, and other channels, helping to expand our reach and impact.

U.S. Latino Youth: Latino youth actively contribute to the amplification of our data, demonstrating a strong inclination to share and promote it as they discover it. Their engagement reflects both immense pride and a significant role in expanding their reach.

What is the impact of the LDC's work?

Over the past 13 years, we’ve produced 50 original reports in collaboration with 28 esteemed research partners, reaching more than 50 million people through various outlets. Our impact extends to more than 10,000 news articles featured in prestigious outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Forbes. As of 2023, we have facilitated 21 high-impact convenings, hosted more than 3,100 business leaders, and actively participated in prestigious forums such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), and the Federal Reserve Bank. In addition, our direct presentations have reached more than 250 companies, including many in the Fortune 500, providing in-depth analysis derived from our latest research.

For more details on the LDC’s impact and reach, please refer to our 2023 Impact Report:

What is the difference between the LDC and LDCTT?

The LDC’s impact is twofold, leading to meaningful change on multiple fronts:

First, through its research, the Latino Data Collaborative Think Tank (LDCTT) produces data and insights that shed light on the invaluable contributions of American Latinos to the U.S. economy, business, entertainment, development, and the overall U.S. GDP.

Second, the Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) creates and participates in various initiatives, including presentations, forums, and PR efforts, to ensure that decision-makers and resource allocators have free access to this vital information to make informed decisions that recognize the significant contributions of American Latinos and allocate necessary resources accordingly.

How can individuals or organizations get involved and support the LDC's initiatives?

Your support helps us increase the LDC’s impact by:

Expanding the base of resource allocators who use our data in every national and local strategic decision they make.

Growing our data production to provide a deeper understanding of how Latinos are driving economic growth in this country.

Creating a fact-based perception of who this cohort is, as opposed to damaging stereotypes and limited misconceptions.

The LDC distributes its reports and data for free, thanks to the generosity of our dedicated Board and Advisory Network members. Latino leaders and those who support our mission can request to join our LDC Board or Advisory Network to connect with other leaders committed to shaping a powerful, fact-based, dignified, and profitable Latino narrative. We also welcome partnerships for specific reports or events. For more details on getting involved and supporting LDC’s initiatives, please contact us at [email protected]. 

How is the LDC different from other non-profit organizations?
The LDC operates as a self-funded organization, generously supported by its board and advisory network members. This structure enables us to generate the most reliable data. It is crucial for us not only to produce reputable data but also to make it actionable for decision-makers and resource allocators.
Can I request specific data or research topics from the LDC?

Yes! We welcome hearing from individuals or organizations interested in exploring different topics relevant to our mission regarding U.S. Latinos. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].